Awareness Rooms Review

Deep inside I have always loved escape games, especially the ones that are a bit unusual. Most of my highschool years were spent finding point-and-click escape games. I’ve played some really difficult ones and some really unique ones too. So having the chance to try out Awareness Rooms – a cute escape game – I was super excited and ready to challenge myself.

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A 4 minute journey through the heart of Japan – Izanau

When I started writing for Izanau, I discovered one of the best summaries of Japan I had seen in video form. I reached out to the creator and chatted to him a little about the video.

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The Flame in the Flood Review

When it comes to gathering food, staying dry and not getting torn to shreds by wild animals, I thought that I would at least fair alright in this. The Flame in the Flood is a rouge-like survival game that requires more than good instincts and reflexes. Continue reading “The Flame in the Flood Review”

Introducing Shinsekai, Osaka – Cozy Japan

A while ago, I started actively taking part in more creative projects across Japan and started to get my writing in a variety of places. This lead me to Cozy Japan. A travel site that creates video content on attractions in Japan.

You can find the full Cozy Japan article on Shinsekai here.

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Physalis – INKT (English Lyrics)

Busy busy busy. But its all starting to slow down. Now to get my blog back on track and my posts more regular(ish) again.

Let’s start with some translations that I’ve been dying to do. So far I’m in love with this album, I’m excited for where INKT are heading towards.

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Trigger – INKT (English Lyrics)

Soooo excited to see that INKT is now here!! Not only is Koki starting something new but Kei is also in the band!!! So excited. So far I am in love with the preview of the song, and can’t wait to hear more than 1 minute of it!!

The lyrics can be found here to their song and I’ve decided to take the chance to translate them.

So here you go:

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