Brand New Stage – KAT-TUN English Lyrics

I managed to catch someone tweeting out the lyrics for Brand New Stage that they wrote down by ear. I thought I would take this chance and translate them. Continue reading “Brand New Stage – KAT-TUN English Lyrics”


Kimi no Yume Boku no Yume – KAT-TUN Lyrics Translated

The first time I heard this song, I was at work. With everything happening in KAT-TUN lately, this was exactly everything I felt, suddenly brought together in a beautiful song. The deep feelings of trust, friendship, slight betrayal, pain yet hope and determination was all rolled into one here.

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Dead or Alive – KAT-TUN (English lyrics) **full version**

Sorry for the delay, I had the translation finished on my laptop for a while, but slowly things kept delaying me until now. So without any more waiting, here is the full translation to Dead or Alive

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Dead or Alive – KAT-TUN (English Lyrics) **short version**

Hi guys, I know its early, but with the short version of KAT-TUN’s Dead or Alive already shown on Samaazu no Utafuri (see here) I’ve decided to try and translate the lyrics

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I did a very quick and rough translation of HIDE and SEEK.


I really like the album, there is a really good mix of songs on it I feel. But this one really grabbed my attention, I was desperate to translate it and I finally got a little time to sit down and look at it. When I get more time, I want to double check the translation and see if it is right. Continue reading “HIDE and SEEK by KAT-TUN”

In Fact – KAT-TUN lyrics translation

Hey guys, its been a while. Yet again I have a random post for you, cause I just can’t post regularly.


I’ve done a rough translation of KAT-TUN’s new song that is coming out on CD soon. I don’t have official lyrics yet, so it’s not a proper translation. Continue reading “In Fact – KAT-TUN lyrics translation”