Dreamcatcher – INKT (English Lyrics)

So finally with a moment to breath and catch up with everything. I bring you the last song on the new INKT mini album. Also my favourite! Now that I’ve translated the lyrics, and looked at it all properly, its a lot deeper than I thought.

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Flower of Life – INKT (English Lyrics)

This was probably the hardest song to translate! There are so many phrases and tenses all over the place that it can be a little hard to follow. I may review the lyrics for this later and edit it. I’m not sure if they are quite right…

Either way, its still a very beutiful song, and one of my favourites to listen to.

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The Gift – INKT (English Lyrics)

I remember the first time I heard this song, and immediately I was addicted to the beat. I could catch words here and there and could immediately tell that this was a song to the fans.

Now that I’m translating it, I see just how much meaning there really is in this song.

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Physalis – INKT (English Lyrics)

Busy busy busy. But its all starting to slow down. Now to get my blog back on track and my posts more regular(ish) again.

Let’s start with some translations that I’ve been dying to do. So far I’m in love with this album, I’m excited for where INKT are heading towards.

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