A 4 minute journey through the heart of Japan – Izanau

When I started writing for Izanau, I discovered one of the best summaries of Japan I had seen in video form. I reached out to the creator and chatted to him a little about the video.

Go read the full article on Izanau!


KAT-TUN 10Ks con report – Nagoya

With all the KAT-TUN concerts over, I finally took my time to sit down and write about the two that I went to.

This year I went to Nagoya and Osaka for the 10ks tour (that’s pronounced “tanks” by the way, and is a pun on “thanks”). I was really hoping to go to all 5 concerts for this tour, but as luck had it, the Tokyo concerts landed on the dates where I was in South Africa. So sadly I had to give up on those. Continue reading “KAT-TUN 10Ks con report – Nagoya”

The Flame in the Flood Review

When it comes to gathering food, staying dry and not getting torn to shreds by wild animals, I thought that I would at least fair alright in this. The Flame in the Flood is a rouge-like survival game that requires more than good instincts and reflexes. Continue reading “The Flame in the Flood Review”

Introducing Shinsekai, Osaka – Cozy Japan

A while ago, I started actively taking part in more creative projects across Japan and started to get my writing in a variety of places. This lead me to Cozy Japan. A travel site that creates video content on attractions in Japan.

You can find the full Cozy Japan article on Shinsekai here.

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