Procrastinating, and facing it head on

I’ve been silent for a really long time again…

There’s never really any specific reason, but at the same time, there is. 
Life happens. And I’m a classic example of “Can I do it tomorrow? / I’ll do it tomorrow.” Mentality.

I procrastinate. In maybe too many things in my life, and often I find myself questioning if it was something I really wanted to do in the first place. Continue reading “Procrastinating, and facing it head on”


Dead or Alive – KAT-TUN (English Lyrics) **short version**

Hi guys, I know its early, but with the short version of KAT-TUN’s Dead or Alive already shown on Samaazu no Utafuri (see here) I’ve decided to try and translate the lyrics

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Moving abroad, chaos and running around [kusabi translation]

It’s been a while since I’ve done a proper update I feel.

So I am going to try and do more updates now! I promise I will work hard on it all!

As for some updates, I’ve moved to Japan! Not for study abroad, but for work! I feel all adult like already.  Continue reading “Moving abroad, chaos and running around [kusabi translation]”

KAT-TUN Chain – Concert reports (21.04.2012 & 22.04.2012)

Ah it takes me forever to post on here.

I wanted to write about the Kyocera concert report as well on here, but I think I’ll pass on it, other people have written about it, and I don’t want to repeat myself too much.

But here’s the concert reports for the 21st April 2012 and 22nd April 2012 in Tokyo Dome. It’s long…

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儚い指先 – Fleeting Fingertips – KAT-TUN Lyrics

More translations from KAT-TUN’s new album chain. I really like this song, it’s a bit of a sad one though.  Continue reading “儚い指先 – Fleeting Fingertips – KAT-TUN Lyrics”