Sweet Birthday – KAT-TUN (English Lyrics)

As promised, I’m continuing my translations of songs from the Ask Yourself single by KAT-TUN.

This song really is sugar sweet, but there are moments where I was wondering if it had alternative meanings… maybe just my imagination.

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Ask Yourself – KAT-TUN (Full English Lyrics)

Well, I have been putting this off for a while, but as I promised a few of you, here are the full version’s lyrics for Ask Yourself by KAT-TUN in English.

I’ll be working on the rest of the Single’s songs now, hopefully before the album releases.

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Procrastinating, and facing it head on

I’ve been silent for a really long time again…

There’s never really any specific reason, but at the same time, there is. 
Life happens. And I’m a classic example of “Can I do it tomorrow? / I’ll do it tomorrow.” Mentality.

I procrastinate. In maybe too many things in my life, and often I find myself questioning if it was something I really wanted to do in the first place. Continue reading “Procrastinating, and facing it head on”

Momiji: Escaping to Nature

As Autumn is coming again to Japan, the colours of the leaves are starting to change again.

Next to the stunning cherry blossoms of Japan, I personally think this is the next best season in Japan as there is so much to see and do under the fall leaves.

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When Sakura meets Tiramisu

Now if any of you know me at all, you will know that I am obsessed with tiramisu. It is hands down the best dessert, and is a fantastic mixture of flavours.

One of the things that Japan did introduce me to was sakura (cherry blossom) flavour, something which I find hard to describe and love to eat.

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