About Me


I’m Meghan.I work in Marketing for a Video Game Publisher and am a writer for a variety of different sites.

I love music, Japanese dramas, movies, reading, writing, the internet, cats and much, much more.

Mostly I talk about Japanese music, but I will be sharing my writing here as well as other interesting things I find throughout my life.


Welcome to My Life.




8 thoughts on “About Me

    1. I read that article too and it really brought my concern about microwave cooking into the light. Now that I’ve reached “middle age” my worries about getting healthier are strong, yet I find myself clueless about where to begin….especially since there is so much conflicting information about what is good for us and what is not. Which “scientific study” do we believe?

  1. wah…..warm great from Indonesia..^^ nice to meet you..I’m blog walking and finding Shirota Yu lyrics in here (sandglass of fate) thanks for make the translation ^^ btw, lets exchange our fb…^^ visit me by my name : youzhmieyusuf

  2. Arigato Meghan πŸ˜‰ for sharing and translating
    I’m kazumi
    I live in south Cali
    and looking to be friend with anyone living in japan
    because I plan to visit and then eventually move there
    some time in the future
    and so if I know someone there it would
    be great to have a friend in need;)
    and I love kame;)
    so I hope we can be friends;)

    1. Nice to meet you πŸ™‚
      I don’t mind ^.^
      At the moment I’m not in Japan any more πŸ˜₯ I was only there for a year for my study abroad as part of my university course. One day I plan on returning though.

  3. Hello! Fellow Japanese learner, here! Good luck with your studies and your goal of translating. Interpreting was once a goal of mine but I found more joy and passion in writing about Asian pop music and culture. γŒγ‚“γ°γ£γ¦δΈ‹γ•γ„οΌ

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