Procrastinating, and facing it head on

I’ve been silent for a really long time again…

There’s never really any specific reason, but at the same time, there is. 
Life happens. And I’m a classic example of “Can I do it tomorrow? / I’ll do it tomorrow.” Mentality.

I procrastinate. In maybe too many things in my life, and often I find myself questioning if it was something I really wanted to do in the first place.

Now I also find it a tad ironic, because when it comes to work or organising some other fun activity (a concert, an event etc) I’m the type that needs to get it done NOW. No waiting around, no waiting for an even better price etc. Yet the smaller things just fall by the wayside.

I still haven’t finished that KAT-TUN Osaka concert report which is half written on my laptop. I’m not even sure why since it’s been a year since I went to it… 
And just like that, there are so many other things that I really just leave half done and never return to it. I tend to justify myself too with silly comments like “no one would read it” or “is that even something I want to be doing?”
And the answer to that is YES!! A large resounding YES!

I want to be writing and I want to do all these other cool things. It’s just… I’m lazy. Or at times, very unmotivated.  When that happens, I find excuses. I’ll do it tomorrow, or now isn’t the right time. 
The problem is… now IS the right time. 
Yet I’m sure that not only I ignore that fact.

But then comes the age-old question. How do I stop procrastinating?
And I am not going to turn around and say “Just do it!”
Cause frankly… that doesn’t work for me. 
Yeah there are times where I sit down and I’m like “I just have to get this done. No excuses. No choices.” But let’s be honest, that’s not often. 
So instead I have to find my motivation.

Now here is the new problem. I have the Nintendo Switch…. and Link isn’t going to destroy Calamity Ganon on his own! 
I want to finish that game. So I often find myself playing that at night instead. So doing any form of writing after work just kinda fell down the “well it’s not instant gratification” hole, which Zelda is…

So, I had to find better ways to make use of my time. Now I could just sit down every night for 10 minutes and put something on paper. But that also means starting. And because I live with someone, that too becomes hard. 
YES, I know! Excuses… 
But I realised that I don’t feel comfortable sitting and typing away with someone I know right next to/near me… probably why I try and get away from people when there’s something I want to do.

So what did I learn? 

1. Games are more entertaining for me in the evening when I’ve had a long day of work. 
2. Writing around someone I know is hard…

Great, so that’s a good start right? Identifying my issues.

Now how about I add a third one?

3. I get distracted easily.

If there’s a TV, I’ll end up watching it. Music that’s too catchy, Ill end up singing. A conversation from people I know around me? I’ll talk to them.

Kinda makes you realise that stereotype where writers hide in dark places and write by candlelight/lamplight has a reason behind it.

The world is distracting, and with all our fancy devices and instant connectivity, this does not help for productivity. AT ALL.

But at the same time, we are too reluctant to turn off those notifications and flashing lights on your phone. 
So I have to find a way to drown it out. 
This works best for me in two ways.

1. Go somewhere with good background noise that drowns things out. A cafe or a library is pretty good for this. You just sit there in your bubble and you get that chance to write and just gush all your thoughts and feelings down on the over glorified notebook (read that as tablet).

2. Or option two, meditate. 

Now meditation I find can come in a variety of different ways. Chilling on the balcony staring out at the view, with a cup of tea works. Listening to VERY specific songs that you can just kinda ignore (I have to very specific songs for this) and chill with a cup of tea. Take deep breaths and relax. Preferably with tea.

3. DRINK TEA (or coffee or another warm drink.)

Now I’m not really the type to promote all these stereotypes with writers and all that, but regardless of what you do, I find tea is perfect to accompany it. Don’t know why, ask a scientist (not me).

When I do sit down and write, very often I sit with a hot drink (tea) and type away. If I can start and type out a whole bunch of stuff to the point where I forgot about my tea and its now cold, that my friend, is an achievement. 
Because at the end of the day, it isn’t about your word count or page count, it’s about if you were invested enough in your writing or work to the point where you were able to focus all your attention on it, at the expense of 1 cup of tea (Well I think it’s a good trade off, I just make more tea).

So now I’ve started and I have ways of dealing with all this procrastination stuff, but that doesn’t mean much. The real challenge is to keep going.

Now this is normally where I fall short.

I write for the blog at my work, and a lot of the time, I’m pretty good at keeping it all up to date etc. but there is something there that keeps me doing it… 
The Consequence!!

If I don’t write that blog, it looks bad. New content isn’t made and that content isn’t read by people and then people stop returning and that downward spiral is everything my job is not.

I wouldn’t say I write out of fear, but I write because we need it. Plus it’s fun.

But then I look at my blog and its update schedule… 
It’s fun to write here, yet I don’t have that consequence. So, if you all disappear from my blog… well I’ll be sad. But let me be honest. 
Having people read my blog isn’t really my goal here. 
I want to create content and share it. I want to write and have a place I can put it that I call my own. That was how my blog was born, and why it’s called “snapshots of life”.

I don’t want to write a diary here, but rather share snapshots of my life and thoughts here for others if they want to engage with it.

But that doesn’t help me with consistency here…. so…. yeah, still working on that one. Maybe when I figure it out, I’ll write another post about it.

But for now

Till Next Time x


2 thoughts on “Procrastinating, and facing it head on

  1. You’re the same as me, I too have lots of passions but I never get around actually doing anything. Even when I get started I soon stop again and then it takes ages for me to pick it up again despite my love for it. I’m tired of being that way and I’ve wanted to change for a long time now but it can’t be helped. I always lie to myself telling me tomorrow I’ll do it or this weekend is perfect for it but the seasons pass and none of my plans bear fruit even now. Instead of doing all the things I could be doing I’m lazily lying on the couch listening to (what a coincidence) Kat-tun and reading your post. I hope both of us can soon reach our goals and happy do what whe want to do.

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