2016 daily photo challenge – May

After a large delay, here are my daily photos from May.

May 1


May 2


May 3


May 4


May 5


May 6


May 7


May 8


May 9


May 10


May 11


May 12


May 13


May 14

(note: I have no idea what this was, and why the photo doesn’t work anymore….)


May 15


May 16


May 17


May 18


May 19


May 20


May 21


May 22


May 23


May 24


May 25


May 26


May 27


May 28


May 29


May 30


May 31



Till next time x


One thought on “2016 daily photo challenge – May

  1. That´s the way to go! Mr Midnight, Sir WInstonand myself, from the blog “Gilmours Nice Place” love the relaxed pose of your kitty. My two furry friends were inspired and are now looking for office stools with which to try out the chill pose. Best regards. 🙂

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