The Flame in the Flood Review

When it comes to gathering food, staying dry and not getting torn to shreds by wild animals, I thought that I would at least fair alright in this. The Flame in the Flood is a rouge-like survival game that requires more than good instincts and reflexes.

The Flame in the Flood - Entering the campsites

You play as a scout in what appears to be a post-apocalyptic world. As you stay warm by your campfire, a dog wanders over to you, carrying a backpack in his mouth. Inside is a radio that appears to be picking up some sort of radio signal.

With little idea of what is going on in the world, set off down the river on a journey to survive.

The Flame in the Flood - Heading to the rapids

The river is your driving force in this game, constantly pushing you forward towards the next campsite, all of which are randomly generated. You never know what you are going to find next, perhaps some lifesaving supplies, or hungry wolves waiting to rip you to shreds (an experience I had all too often).

The Flame in the Flood - Beware of wolves

The Flame in the Flood isn’t what I would consider an insanely difficult game. Sure, surviving is hard, but the game itself is rather straightforward. Crafting is great, easy and very quick to understand. You have a large list of recipes that you can learn throughout the game, and the items that you can craft are automatically bumped to the top of your list. For more complicated items, such as cooking or medicine, you will need a campfire.

The Flame in the Flood - crafting

So we have an easy to use crafting list, skills you can learn and campsites to explore, but one of my favourite parts of this game would have to be the soundtrack. Drifting down the river to some of the most beautiful tracks really made this game more than worth it.

Graphics: 8/10
Soundtrack: 9/10
Gameplay: 8/10
Replayability: 8/10
Overall: 8/10

The Flame in the Flood - Getting some rest

Visit the developer’s website.
Get The Flame in the Flood on Steam.


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