Flower of Life – INKT (English Lyrics)

This was probably the hardest song to translate! There are so many phrases and tenses all over the place that it can be a little hard to follow. I may review the lyrics for this later and edit it. I’m not sure if they are quite right…

Either way, its still a very beutiful song, and one of my favourites to listen to.

Flower of Life – INKT (English Lyrics)

With  no expectations of it reaching, I keep my heart hidden in my chest
The flower sways in the wind
Why is it that I wound and seem to deceive those around me
I’ve turned my eyes away from the day of parting

A long time ago, I listened with you to the sounds of the clock ringing
Even now its echoing
I suspect that if I strain my ears,
I can still hear your voice now

As long as your figure is there
I’ll continuously pray for your happiness

Even if my wishes aren’t answered, just me praying along is ok right?
One day your smiling face will be burnt into  my memory
I’ll keep yearning for this prayer’s flame
Until this lonely flower that bloomed, withers away

One morning I happened to realise a scary thing
And that day had in fact come
I let it all pass with a cool face
I can no longer return to the point making progress

Even if we are separated by far far away
I still continue to softly pray for your happiness

In the middle of not opposing it all, my thoughts overflow
One day your smiling face will save me
I’ll keep yearning for this prayer’s flame
Until this lonely flower that bloomed, begins to fall

The falling petals indicate that our separation is coming
In order to scratch away at this drop of love
Pick it up and scoop it out because its come
Being alone and lonely isn’t the same as being sad
I just want to listen to your voice one more time

The magic spell has been broken…

Enduring the overflowing tears, smiling I said ‘goodbye’
One day I will remember your smiling face
I’ll keep yearning for this life’s flame
This withered flower won’t make a sound any more, and soon will crumble away

I could sleep without breathing
I dreamed of the sky above
The memories with you
I order to not forget them
I’ll sing

Till next time x


One thought on “Flower of Life – INKT (English Lyrics)

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