INKT – 1st live birth of INKT! in Osaka!! – Concert Report

Finally I am sitting myself down and writing this!! Been meaning to write it for a while, but there’s always been something that got in my way.

I was so glad that I got tickets to this concert. I noticed that they had announced the Osaka show (February 21st) while I was in South Africa. So I checked my fan club stuff and at the time, it was the last day for balloting, so I pounced on the tickets, praying that it’d work out. A little while later, I got the email telling me that I had gotten a pair of tickets and I was overjoyed.


Now I have to say that I really did enjoy this concert. But as most standing concerts go, there was a lot of pushing and a lot of aggressive fans. I try really hard not to get aggressive at concerts, cause foreigners have done it at Japanese concerts before and its caused a lot of problems, as well as sparked some unfair judgements and reactions towards the foreigners that aren’t aggressive. But this concert really pushed me a bit. I was polite and gentle with people, but I refused to be pushed over or taken advantage of. Eventually I had my own spot that wasn’t really intruded much into during the concert and people around me mostly respected that.

The goods were simple, but unique. As Sassy explained in the concert, they chose different colours for Tokyo and Osaka concerts. Osaka was blue, which in my opinion I liked more. I ended getting the tote bag where you could get up to 100 characters printed on it. I was boring and only wrote my name. It was a nice idea to give a personal touch to the goods. I noticed a lot of girls writing Koki’s name with theirs. Then I also got the black t-shirt. Mostly cause I prefer it and I noticed that most of the sizes were sold out for the white.


Now I want to make something very clear here. INKT was a rock concert! They treated it like a rock concert, and they treated the audience like a rock concert. This wasn’t a Johnny’s concert, and it was almost sad to see that some girls were treating it like a Johnny’s concert.

Set list

A Whole New World
Fight For Freedom
<talk – band creation and meaning behind zutto>
Past & Future
<talk – band intro and talk>
Hide and Seek
Iron Heart
<new album announcement>
<mini talk>
Nobody Knows

Now one thing that I noticed in the concert that made it a little different was how willing the band members were to come so close to the audience. I thought it was great because normally concerts where there is only a front stage, the band can seem a little far away. I’ve been to some concerts like this before, both Japanese and foreign, and I feel like they really came a lot closer than normal. But I did feel a little sorry for Koki since every time he got too near, he was grabbed at and touched a lot!! Great for the fans, but I still feel a bit bad for him, it’s kinda like sexual harassment isn’t it?

For me, I kept starting at Kei, he was entertaining me too much to be honest. This is the exact reason I spotted him back in 2012 at the KAT-TUN chain concert. He was bouncing around like always, showing real energy and passion on his guitar. But the real funny point was all the faces he was pulling. He’s really an expressive person and spent many moments in the concert pulling faces at Koki even when Koki wasnt paying attention. He’d also pull some faces when he was really focusing on getting something right, like difficult cords. Sometimes he’d catch mACKAz’s attention and they’d start head banging together. He’d also turn around and start pulling faces or something at Kissy to distract him and make him laugh. It was really cute to watch since it really showed how well they got on. He really deserves to be the leader.

There were a few video cameras at this concert. They were definitely filming something as the whole band was really showing off to the camera at times. Also I saw again just how much Koki likes the camera! The cool thing was that they were recording the fans at the end of the concert. My friend, Lauren and I were recorded and we were actually followed a little by the camera. It was cool but also a little embarrassing ahaha.

The venue was really small; I’d say maybe around 1000 people, maybe less. But this small venue meant that it was easier to get a more personal atmosphere. There were times during the MCs and such where they could hear the audience and actually reply to them; this resulted in some cute conversations between the band members and the audience.

So during the little talk before they started Zutto, Koki told us that the band was actually formed shortly after his contract was cancelled with Johnny’s. He explained in the concert how he thought about a lot of things in this time and how he still wanted to continue. Which is how he started talking with his friends and started to set up a band. It was sweet to see their interactions, but also a little painful since it was clear that Koki found it a little painful to talk about.

As I tweeted about and I’m sure you all know about now, INKT will be releasing a new album called Physalis, in April. They sound really excited about it and talked about the effort that had gone into it. I’m excited for it and I’m looking forward to the range of songs that will be on it.

In the concert, they played us 2 new songs from the new album. The first one I didn’t catch the name of, but it had a fantastic beat and flowed fantastically with the concert. The crowd had quite a high energy during it and it was really received well.

The second song I believe is the title song for the album. Its super-fast paced and has so many key changes and tempo changes that it must be hell to sing!! But it’s a fun song, with so much energy in it. I’m really looking forward to it.

The members all had a bit of an introduction in the concert. They introduced themselves and chatted little about themselves and about coming to Osaka etc. mACKAz spoke a little about the pronunciation of his name (mak-KA-tsu) and about coming to do the concert. Sassy talked about the goods, giving reasons behind the colours. Kissy spoke about coming to Osaka again and the band picked on him for not talking in a Kansai accent since he’s from Osaka, which the audience joined in with. Kei talked about the band and coming all together to Osaka. And lastly Koki talked about the development of the band and that despite everything that had happened, he’s happy that he is blessed to spend time with great people and make music that he loves.

Overall it was a great concert. It had a high energy and there was a good flow of music and talking. It was nice to take part in such a small concert with them, I wish I could go to more but sometimes Tokyo is a bit far for me.

But I really enjoyed it and I’m really looking forward to what could be coming next.

Till next time x


7 thoughts on “INKT – 1st live birth of INKT! in Osaka!! – Concert Report

  1. Thank you so much for this fan report.
    I’m glad that you shared this with us other fans.
    When I was reading, for as fanreport I imagined to be even I them. for this I thank you.
    I can’t wait to go there one day I too.

    1. I’m glad you liked it, thanks for reading. I hope that more foreign fans can try and go, Kei will somtimes tweet them in English on twitter, but at the concerts, their are very few (well, me, my friend and one other girl)

  2. Thank you so much for this fan report! I’m so happy that people are still willing to see and enjoy Koki and share their experience with other fans. Thank you so much. And thank you for translating their lyrics as well. 🙂

  3. Thank you very much for the repo!!! You are so lucky that you got to go.
    Great repo, I really enjoy hearing about their feelings/reactions on stage. :’) I almost feel like I was there to see it.

    I know what you mean about Kei being entertaining, because I thought the same when I saw the fan meet footage. It is really incredible to me how he can mouth the lyrics and play the guitar at the same time. I like to watch all of them, really.

    Can I ask you this:
    What did you mean that some of the audience was treating it as a Johnny’s concert? I’ve never been to a JE con, so I’m not sure I know what that means.

    I’m kind of surprised about the pushing. I saw Jin and One OK Rock here in LA, and the audience was very friendly and basically civil, except for one or two rude ppl. But it sounds like they were rougher at the INKT con. XP Go figure.

    I’m so excited to hear the new songs. Your descriptions were wonderful! It makes me want to hear them even more!!!

    1. Thanks for reading. Kei really entertains me to no end. He’s so bouncy and energetic.

      Its hard to explain the difference really, but its more like there’s a lot of shouting to get Koki’s attention and a lot of pushing to try and touch him or get near him (which happens a lot in Johnny’s concerts, especially amongst the younger fans. My main issue was Koki was really trying to get it like a rock concert, trying to encourage people to dance or head bang or something. But most of the girls just ignored this and continued just waving or something. The audience wasn’t like a rock concert at all.
      The amount of pushing was a little ridiculous at the concert. Normally people are rather civil and kind. Most of my experiences at concerts have been like this (accept one time) but this was rather over the top. I went to see Asian Kung Fu Generation in London and even when a head banging chaos start in the middle of the audience, it still wasn’t as bad.
      I hope that the crowd management and etiquette will get better…

      I can’t wait for their next album and I hope they come to Osaka again so I can see them 🙂

  4. Hi! Thank you a lot for sharing this report! I really would like to meet them someday! I’ve never been in a j-concert, but is one of my dreams 🙂
    I read your explanation about the “johnny’s-like” atmosphere. It’s kind of sad right? I think fans still cannot divide that Koki took another path, and no matter how painful it can be. But he’s doing something that makes him happy! that’s the best ❤
    I'll link your report in the page! hope you don't mind ^^

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