Nobody Knows – INKT (English Lyrics)

And the final one. Thank you all for being patient with me as I did these lyrics.


Check it out:


Nobody Knows – INKT


Nobody Knows
Just running, Nobody knows why
The road that became new, who knows where it leads


The path of suffering shines with the days we saw
Forgetting the pretence, but above the safe road is only smoke


You’ve come to understand it
You’ve killed your real self and ran from the spotlight
In order to get back that times feelings
You’ve got to run past the start line


Just running, and whatever was said
The piled up versions of myself I don’t want any more
In that case run, throw away everything
I’ll climb onto that stage I dreamed of right?


I’ll rinse off my tired body and figure
The clumsiness too, I’ve gotten a new sense of scenery


Open the heavy door, to the place where the light shines
Somehow there’s always no dull things
Today’s things only, we’ll forget it tomorrow
That’s already enough as it is


Nobody Knows
Still running, nobody knows why
The time to come to a standstill has started to flow
If without doing anything, I’ll stand here in darkness
It’s ok to fall down
To the end


I’m calling out the days where I envied others
The uneasiness and walking over others too, I’ll do my best, I said I’ll do my best
Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, the seasons are going around
I’ve been chasing after them, until I got here


Nobody Knows
Just running, nobody knows why
Time has become whole from within the dazzling light
Again I drew the day from this place
The road that became new, who knows where it leads



Till next time x


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