Zutto – INKT (English Lyrics)

Finally tracked down the lyrics to this beautiful ballad which isn’t on the album, but you can download from itunes etc.

Check it out, though I warn you, its a little heartbreaking.


Zutto – INKT


Always with the feelings of being beside you, those tender smiles and gestures
What kind of things was it that I would never be able to forget
I don’t want to be separated from you


Softly you spoke about your dreams, I wasn’t able to accept any of it
Within your lonely eyes, I’m already not reflected any more


How can I see your pretty smile?
That one second, two seconds with you, will never be erased


Your selfishness and your tenderness too
I forgot to memorise your effeminate laugh you showed me
What happened to “We’ll be together until we die”?
I scold myself because I cling to the promises that will never be kept


The little nose bridging that voice
And that facial expression when trying to do something about the cold
At last I’m starting to forget it
Unexpectedly I still remember it


How can I see your pretty smile?
I just think about those things about you


If in this world, I also hated you
Because at least I would immediately, as usual, love
Even if you are reborn
I will find you again and this time I won’t let you go again


Who loves you more than me?
Why did the you of that day…


I don’t want anything, I just want you
forever, I want you to laugh at me saying “ah, you’re an idiot”
What happened to “always, always, I’ll be by your side”?
I scold myself again for thinking about hopeless things




Till next time x


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