KAT-TUN Chain – Concert reports (21.04.2012 & 22.04.2012)

Ah it takes me forever to post on here.

I wanted to write about the Kyocera concert report as well on here, but I think I’ll pass on it, other people have written about it, and I don’t want to repeat myself too much.

But here’s the concert reports for the 21st April 2012 and 22nd April 2012 in Tokyo Dome. It’s long…

Tokyo Dome Saturday 21st 2012

  • Keep the faith
  • 儚い指先
  • ノーマター・マター
  • ~MC~
  • Band member introduction
  • Beat box with Nakamaru
  • ずっと
  • あの日のように
  • 歩道橋
  • LIPS
  • 喜びの歌
  • Peacefuldays
  • 勇気の花


  • Real Face


  • Going!
  • ハルカナ約束
  • Miura Shohei sat directly in front of me
  • Massu from NEWS was in front of me too, Massu spotted me and I caught him staring at me in the middle of the concert, so I waved at him, and he waved back
  • In the celebrity section, Akahoshi (retired baseball player and now a baseball reported) was staring around the audience at shock at the beginning; I think he was overwhelmed by the reaction of the fans. And at one point, I realised he was staring at me looking confused… so I smiled at him, and he quickly looked away ahaha I think I embarrassed him, he would also randomly glance in my direction during the concert (he sat in front of Massu, that’s how I noticed lol)
  • Ueda was super hyper today, he ran around the stage A LOT
  • Today was filmed
  • Every member of KAT-TUN spotted me
    • Ueda-> made eye contact, looked confused, then gave me the peace sign
    • Nakamaru-> stared at me, did a double take, then spotted Massu and waved frantically at him
    • Taguchi-> gave me a peace sign after I was doing it to him
    • Kame-> tongue and peace sign
  • Tried to get Koki to do his cat pose, but he shook his head looking embarrassed, later when he walked passed again and spotted me, he made his hand like a paw and licked it
  • Ueda would randomly walk in front of the others to get on the camera; he had a bright smile the whole concert!
  • Ueda’s hair was styled for the first half of the concert, it looked really good. Then his hair wasn’t styled anymore for his solo
  • Everyone was very hyper today
  • During Change Ur World when Koki raps “Fly high soldiers (wow) We are solider (wow)” Ueda would roll his head back while also rolling his hips
  • Ueda’s call out to the crowd in white was “Ueda! <kya> Ueda! <kya> Daisuki <kya>
  • At the end of Cosmic Child, Koki finished the song by going “ah~”
  • During hakanai yubisaki Koki pulled up his shirt and kame acted sexily
  • For Taguchi’s solo, the whole crowd sang “sexy lady”
  • They changed their lines in One Day, Kame sang about being Bem, Koki changed a line to “we won’t lose sight of Tokyo”, Ueda sang “wrap it all up” (my translation might be wrong) and hugged himself ahaha
  • Kame made the audience sing in Perfect again, and at the end he said “thank you” in English
  • Funny MC
  • Apparently when Nakamaru rode in the elevator in a department store (?) an old couple kept saying “he’s Arashi he’s Arashi”
  • Koki was saying how people would come up to him on the street and asking him to say hi to Taguchi, he wondered why and Nakamaru commented “aren’t you two in a relationship” Koki denied it but Taguchi said “we are”. Ueda asked him not to cheat on him with Taguchi
  • NaKame appeared!!! They said they were dating (I think) and Ueda claimed that Nakamaru asked Kame to shower with him, but Nakamaru said it was a lie
  • After the shower comment, Koki and Nakamaru were arguing about it, Kame jumped in saying that they shouldn’t argue over him
  • Kame offered Nakamaru to Massu
  • Koki said that there will be a lot of footage of the crowd for the DVD, but Kame said sorry cause they might have to cut half of us out (I wonder if I was caught on camera??)
  • In the MC, Taguchi made a pun (can’t remember what it was right now) but everyone was really silent… then you suddenly heard Ueda’s squeaky laugh… like he was trying to hold it back and it just came out as a strange squeak noise. Was really funny and cute
  • The mentioned Massu being in the dome and put cameras on him and stuff. They said that his ear kept shining (referring to his triangle earring) that earring reflected a lot, cause sometimes when he moved, he reflected lights into my eyes
  • They played with the posters a lot… as usual
  • Taguchi was swinging a poster around singing “I’m singing in the rain~”
  • Ueda took forever to read out his tickets number, which was really annoying cause it was in my area, but I didn’t win it
  •  When announcing the tickets that won posters, Ueda was first, he started it by saying “Sotsugyou!” (it’s what they say in graduation ceremonies) he then got told off by Koki who said “that’s not written there!!!” and Ueda continued with “It was so fun” in a child’s voice, Koki responded with “Elementary school’s graduation??”
  • Taguchi asked the person who won his poster in the draw to marry him. He said that on the 20th (Friday) as well, they also found out that the person that he asked to marry on Friday was a guy…
  • While they were all mucking around with the draw, Ueda tried to steal the boxes and run away
  • Ueda jumped in at one point and yelled “no more fighting” which lead to them all doing a dance and a song… they did it twice…
  • Everyone kept calling out to Massu randomly throughout the concert
  • Kame harassed a junior again, and then made him speak on the mic, he panicked and didn’t know what to say ahaha was cute
  • Nakamaru did his beat box stuff again; I still think it’s amazing. This time though he took out a Harmonica (it was funny hearing him say harmonica in English) and ended up beatboxing and playing it at the same time, was pretty cool.
  • Koki undid his shirt and was close to stripping it off in Dangerous Cat
  • During Kame’s solo, near the end, he went silent and said “zutto… ishouni” meaning always together, and then at the end, when he usually threw glitter around himself and leaves (going down into the stage), he went up on the high wires spinning around while glitter fell down around him.
  • Ueda’s smile at the end of Runaway was sooo bright ^.^
  • For Solider, Koki was right in front of me, and when he was staring at me, I tried to get him to do that cat pose, but he kept shaking his head, I think he was embarrassed ahaha (despite him doing it later when he came back to my side)
  • During Ano hi no you ni, Koki’s talking part at the start was really quiet, I could barely hear it, but if you listened hard, you could hear a really soft sweet voice.
  • Koki and Taguchi also held hands for a bit during Ano hi no you ni
  • In NxO, Kame shook his hips
  • Taguchi did… what looked to me like a spanking move on the platform during NxO… S&M play perhaps? Not sure, but there was slight hip thrusting. And then the elbow dance again
  • Koki motioned for us to call his name louder
  • Ueda shook his arse at the screen for us.
  • Nakamaru kept pulling really cute faces, like puffing out his cheeks or doing Tehepero etc.
  • Koki stuck out his tongue while they were putting on his mask for the mask part Ueda looked like he was going to suck the mask to his face, Kame pulled a funny face
  • Kame nearly failed at the kiss sound/thing at the start of LIPS
  • Taguchi was pretty cool when he was walking around and singing, he was really serious.
  • Koki also referred to the fans as Hyphens a few times, love that name for the fandom J
  • There was  a really hyper junior dancing in front of me, I started distracting him by waving every time he glanced at me
  • Kame was doing hip thrusts on the floor while on the moving stage in Give me give me give me
  • When the moving stage was going across in give me give me give me, Kame was lying down and Koki and Taguchi ran and high fived him
  • Taguchi’s flips always amaze me
  • Their final good bye was really really touching!
    • Kame: It’s been two years since we’ve been at Tokyo Dome; last year was a hard time. Many people had to wait. Sorry. This year, we were able to have a tour, and everyone had fun together. This isn’t a coincidence, but fate. I hope you won’t forget the connections we made today. Thank you.
    • Taguchi: Thank you. This was awesome! You know… we messed around. But for everyone, we sang and danced our best. There are so many people here, and it looks amazing. It’s sad we couldn’t do this last year. But next year and the next, let’s keep doing it every year from now on. Please keep supporting us. Thank you.
    • Ueda: Last year, we were sad because we couldn’t have a concert. We had wanted to do this with you and have a blast together, so it was disappointing. Tokyo Dome is so large, but we can make a lot of noise with our fans. But if you all smile, it’s enough. We’ll keep growing and doing our best to make you smile.
    • Nakamaru: Thank you. In this tour, Sendai is next. Tokyo is like home for us. It’s warm. KAT-TUN has made it to our 7th year. Thanks (in English). We regret that we couldn’t have a concert last year, so in our 7th year, we want to do something for you. Please keep supporting us from now on.
    • Koki: Thank you. Those who had fun? (the audience cheered) Is that so? Well, we made it to our 6th year and as a Johnny, it’s been 11 years. Many things have happened. Things that made us feel worried. What saved us was all of you. Yeah, the MC’s are long and we do tell dirty jokes, but without you, we wouldn’t be here. This group that I didn’t like at first has become something so precious to me… Thanks (in English). We want to try to make you think you’re glad to be a hyphen. Thank you.
  • During the encore with the balloons, they had an inflatable chain that went up around the dome J it was really cool, but two parts of it wouldn’t go up and it took the staff a while to get it up ahaha, a junior nearly hit his head on it
  • Kame shook his balloon around a bit, Ueda was leaning over the edge of his, I was terrified hi might fall…
  • Nakamaru asked everyone to marry him again
  • Ueda sat on the stage saying he wouldn’t move, Koki came and dragged him by his shirt, while dragging Ueda, Nakamaru came out and Koki yelled at him “don’t come back out!”
  • Massu got dragged on stage during the encore at the end by Kame
  • Massu looked so lost when he got pulled on stage, he reminded me of a lost puppy, it was adorable
  • Nakamaru stuck with Massu the whole time in the encore, and tried to get him to sing Harukana Yakusoku, but he didn’t know the lines and panicked a bit
  • During harukana yakusoku Massu was copying Nakamaru the whole time of the moves, but instead of putting his little finger up for the yakusoku part, he put his whole hand up, and then realised and quickly changed
  • Massu’s clothes actually kinda matched with KAT-TUN’s it was  cool J
  • After the encore, Ueda came out again saying “Otsukare” Koki replied with “This isn’t the changing room!!!”
  • Nakamaru told the kids in the audience, that even 10 years from now, they have to say that he is cool.
  • Koki then had to fight with Nakamaru and Ueda to stop them coming out.
  • At the end of the concert, Miura Shohei stood up and I went right up to the edge with my friend, a member of staff was talking to him and he wasn’t looking where he was going and tripped over a chair… I said “kiotsukete” (be careful) he looked up at me and said “Ariga… thank you” cause he suddenly realised I was a foreigner ahaha. Put the cherry on top of the night.

Tokyo Dome Sunday 22nd 2012

  • Keep the faith
  • 儚い指先
  • ノーマター・マター
  • ~MC~
  • バンドメンバー紹介
  • ビートボックス(中丸)
  • ずっと
  • あの日のように
  • 歩道橋
  • LIPS
  • 喜びの歌
  • Peacefuldays
  • 勇気の花


  • Real Face


  • Going!
  • Wilds of my heart    <- !!!!!!
  • ハルカナ約束
  • Pretty much the same as yesterday, but my seats weren’t nearly as good
  • Ueda’s hair was styled again, I actually really like it
  • During one drop, Koki forgot a line
  • For White, Ueda jumped down from his crane before it got all the way down, I think it was cause his was coming down a bit late (wish he’d stop jumping from high(ish) places, I get nervous every time he does it)
  • Kame’s greeting was something like “Hey dome, let’s do this till we collapse” (translation might be off)
  • The whole crowd sang to Taguchi’s “sexy lady” in Finale again. It was really cool, cause Osaka dome didn’t really do that…
  • For No Matter Matter, Koki and Taguchi swung their arms over each other’s shoulders and did a hip dancing thing together
  • Every time Koki called for Peace, Nakamaru would do it in his face, Koki would then lean forwards to head-butt his hand
  • In Run for You, Nakamaru, Koki and Taguchi all danced together
  • In one day, Kame changed his line to “zenbu misete” (show me everything)
  • Kame was… hipthrusting/grinding with one of the juniors, it was… surprising… he’s always harassing the juniors. Kame continued to dance with him.
  • Ueda came up to the camera for Perfect before running around the whole dome again. But after a while he started running down to Koki, u-turning around him, and then running around the centre stage, then going back to Koki, and u-turning around him again. (how does he have soo much energy?)
  • MC started, Nakamaru had a different mic that said Suichi on the side. Apparently their reports were there and recorded the concert for a special backstage feature or something that’s going to be on TV next week. I look forward to it J
  • They asked us to yell “Suichi” after Nakamaru yelled “ready?” They said it was perfect in the test, but Koki wanted us to make it 15 times louder.
  • Kame made us do the same thing for Going! Nakamaru suggested Zoom in, but Koki rejected it.
  • Koki soon told everyone to sit down, even though it was a bit late. Then he said that if we stood up, we shouldn’t dare to sit down again. But after that Kame and Koki started telling people off in the arena, telling them to sit down cause they were still standing.
  • Taguchi was doing his “uso uso kawauso” joke again
  • Koki told Taguchi that his pronunciation of sexy was off…
  • Kame kancho’ed Nakamaru, who told him off cause Suichi were here, but Kame refused and said “if you take it away from me, I’ll have nothing left”
  • Nakamaru kancho’ed Kame back, but Kame said “at least I did it softly, that was too hard”
  • Koki did it to Taguchi, and Ueda jumped in front and said “no more Kancho’ing” and they all did their little dance again
  • When heading back to the main stage, Ueda walked to the front stage, and Kame yelled at him “this isn’t your runaway”
  • Koki then got angry at them, cause Kame and Ueda kept walking down the wrong ways
  • Kame did a Bem impression saying “I am Bem” Ueda got on his knees and acted as Bero, saying he was hungry in a high voice. Kame wanted to answer, but Ueda kept interrupting him. So he gave up saying he couldn’t do Bem like this. As he walked to the main stage, he was singing the Yokai Ningen Bem theme song.
  • Nakamaru thanked everyone for getting the album to number one in the charts. Kame was replying in his Bem voice with “Ah”  like he does in the drama
  • Ueda jumped in the front (he does that a lot ^.^) and thanked everyone as well
  • Koki explained that the moving stage was one of the biggest ever, and that he thinks it’s about the size of an elementary school pool.
  • Koki kicked Taguchi when he did his impression of a penguin
  • Apparently Taguchi came up with the title Chain, Taguchi got all embarrassed about it, and said that they didn’t have to mention that.
  • They brought out the black and white boxes, and the gags with the posters started again…
    • (as well as the usual ones)
    • Nakamaru did a beard one
    • Ueda did the eyebrow one again
    • Ueda did the broom stick
    • Taguchi gave it as a graduation scroll to Koki, who accepted it!!! For the first time
    • Kame and Nakamaru did an elephant gag, that I think may have been a bit dirty…
    • Ueda made the poster a long nipple
    • Nakamaru pulled the sword (poster) out of an imaginary sheath on his back
    • Kame responded by re-sheathing it on his back
    • Kame put the poster by his… err… down there and was waving it up and down, Koki stopped him rather quickly (O.O)
  • Kame and Ueda were doing army crawls on the stage
  • Taguchi went to do it too, but he imitated a caterpillar by raising his but in the air, and trying to move forward with his chin
  • Ueda did the same thing, but it looked funny (and a bit sexual) and moved a tiny bit
  • Nakamaru turned to Koki and asked him what they were supposed to be doing again…
  • Nakamaru did an Exile dance, Kame did his stair climbing thing, which Ueda then copied, got to the top, and did a cool pose, Nakamaru did some perfume dances/impressions.
  • Meanwhile Koki was freaking out trying to get them to stop and do the draw
  • Koki got tired, complained about his voice, and started mumbling the procedure of the give away. He was hard to understand/hear and everyone just laughed at him.
  • Ueda tried to read his ticket number in English, he said “one hundred…” but then got stuck, the members were yelling at him and he said “I’m an idiot”
  • Taguchi spoke Korean… not sure why… but before he could read the seat number, Ueda jumped in and said it
  • Kame’s winner was in the arena, and when he realised it was a young boy, he jumped down to talk to him. He even rubbed sauce that the boy had on his face. The kid had an old Kame Uchiwa, Kame told him to tell his mom to buy him a new one. He also told the kid to tell his mom to give him her phone number.
  • Kame then realised he couldn’t climb back up on the stage and had to run to the centre stage to climb the stairs and run back to the main stage
  • He told the kid to buy a new Kame Uchiwa, Koki added to buy his one too. Ueda jumped in and ask for the kid’s mom’s phone number
  • Koki announced that his winner was Satomi, Ueda and Kame spoke about her a bit
  • Ueda then announced that he wanted to say “Humans are trash” (I’m guessing here, but I think that’s from Kaiji… been a while since I saw it though) Everyone then told him off cause he shouldn’t say that to the audience
  • While Koki was pretending he couldn’t read the ticket number, Ueda attacked him with the poster on his head. Kame then tried to do a Kancho, but I think Koki must have tensed, cause Kame pulled a pained expression after he did it.
  • Ueda stole the boxes again, Koki yelled at him
  • Nakamaru said that Johnny was going to get mad if they didn’t do this seriously
  • Koki yelled that he was the only one being serious
  • Koki read out the ticket numbers after a lot of interruptions
  • When he called out for the arena, he called them twice to see if they would yell louder
  • Ueda called out “Tokyo dome” everyone screamed, and he looked happy cause he got a louder response
  • Kame then called out “Kyocera dome” which I screamed out to, and a few others did. (found out later that all my friends that went to the Osaka concerts also screamed at that part) The girls around me were confused, and the girl next to me told me that this wasn’t Kyocera, I explained to her that I went to the Osaka concert too.
  • Koki mentioned that his Oniichan was in the arena (lots of screaming and the girls there started looking around), when he called out the number he was like “oniichan?? Is it you?” but it wasn’t.
  • Kame started to slowly climb the stairs again, Koki yelled at him saying that it wasn’t he stairs to adult hood, Kame came down and then went up a different set, Koki told him it wasn’t that one either
  • Ueda came out after his outfit change, and came to the front threw his jacket down one shoulder and said “Japan”
  • Nakamaru changed his beatbox a bit, and after a while said that it makes his mouth tired. He pulled away from the mic as if he had to double check he was doing the right sounds.
  • He said “boku wa Yuuchi, kikoemasu ka?” (I’m Yuuchi, can you  hear me) the audience screamed
  • Before he started his beat boxing with the band, he took a drink from his bottle… and then another one, it made me laugh
  • He did the beat boxing with the harmonica again, still amazes me
  • Koki’s solo was the same (wild) thing again, but he didn’t strip his shirt open tonight
  • Kame’s solo was the same, including the long silence in the middle with the fireworks falling, and then a long silence where he said “ne…. zutto…. Isshouni” (ne, always… together)
  • Then Ueda’s solo, which is my favourite. Can’t wait to see it on the DVD
  • In solider, Koki and Nakamaru were waving to each other.
  • Taguchi and Koki threw their arms around each other while walking down to the main stage
  • The sex moves appeared in NxO !!!! everyone except Ueda and Nakamaru did it.
    • Kame ->first he did funny faces, then lots of gentle thrusting and sexual faces
    • Taguchi-> thrusts on the stage while lying down and then the elbow dance again
    • Koki -> S&M?! looked like spanking  lol and then beckoned the audience to shout louder
    • Ueda -> did his butt shaking again, then lay down on the stage, called the camera closer, closer, and then pulled a silly face
    • Nakamaru-> pulling faces again, such as puffing out his cheeks and the tehepero thing.
  • For the mask part, Koki stuck out his tongue, Nakamaru made a fish face, Ueda looked like a kissy face, but I’m not sure, the mask covered it really quickly and Kame did his weird face again
  • During Give me give me give me, Kame lay down on the stage again and Taguchi and Koki ran and high fived him.
  • It looked like Koki fell over though after high fiving Kame cause he was on the floor after the stage stopped blocking my view
  • In Yorokobi no Uta, Koki and Kame mucked around by singing aishiteru in really low voices
  • Koki picked a poor junior and looked like he was going to kidnap him
  • Peaceful days there were all really hyper, Ueda was jumping all over the place again (where does he get all that energy??)
  • Final messages:
    • Kame: It’s been two years since our last tour. We’re sorry for making you sad and making you wait. We are really glad we were able to have a tour this year. All the smiles and courage we got from you all, we want to take them and connect them to the other concerts. Tomorrow onwards we hope that you will keep on smiling and that we will meet you all again someday soon. Until that time comes, we will see many different things. Thank you for coming.
    • Taguchi: Tonight was amazing! I did so much I can’t move anymore. Uso, uso, kawauso! There are so many people here tonight, that I am happy to always do concerts. If it wasn’t KAT-TUN like it is now, we wouldn’t be standing here. The relationship we have with the Hyphens cannot be broken. So we hope you’ll always follow us! Thank you!
    • Ueda: For me, concerts are a precious thing. Thank you everyone, we could laugh together and it has become our energy. Tomorrow onwards, we hope to do many different kinds of things, and do our best. Today was fun, uh… I just forgot what I was going to say… We hope to make next year more amazing, so please keep supporting KAT-TUN.
    • Nakamaru: Today is the last day at Tokyo and we’ll go to Sendai next. This was a very wonderful concert. Tokyo always feels like home to us. This was one of our best “last days” at Tokyo. (everyone clapped, and after a while, no one stopped clapping and started doing saying “ooo” Nakamaru conducted us to do the clap thing he used to do with Koki after their due joke skits. After that he could continue talking) May things have happened but we finally made to our 7th year. (everyone clapped and “ooo”ed again, until Nakamaru did the clap thing again) you guys like that don’t you? What was I saying again? Oh, last year we couldn’t have a tour, but we did it this time. (clapping and oooing again) Majisuka? (For real?) I should use this for Shuichi. We hope KAT-TUN will continue making bonds. Please tell people that KAT-TUN is amazing. Thank you!
    • Koki: Who had fun? (cheer) You’re all such good kids. (Oo~) No, I won’t do it. It’s too difficult to talk if we do. Everyone’s smiles become ours and although we’ve had some large things to overcome, we have done it. At the times when we feel unsure or worried, it’s the Hyphens that save us. In the next ten or twenty years, we’ll stay as KAT-TUN, thanks to you. (clapping and “ooo”ing) Okay, okay, I’ll do it (did the clap together) happy now? You have all given us so much, and we hope to give it all back to you. Thank you a lot. For those of you who are here for the first time after two years, and for those of you who are here for the first time… This is KAT-TUN!
  • In Real face, they changed the lyrics again, Koki sang “Tokyo we won’t let you go”
  • As the balloons came past, I randomly decided to salute them, Taguchi then also saluted, but I don’t know if he did that cause he saw me, or just happened to also do it…
  • Taguchi sang the last rap in Real Face, but he changed the last part, but I didn’t catch what he said, but he mentioned Tokyo Dome
  • Nakamaru told everyone that we should remember even 10 years from now that Nakamaru Yuuchi is great
  • They came out for the second encore and stated that he couldn’t wait for this, and shouted the start of Going!
  • After Going! The song started and the whole audience burst out into screams as we realised that it was Wilds of my Heart (I was so happy cause I thought I’d never get to hear them sing it live, I love that song)
  • Kame kept quiet and had the audience sing the “Kikoenai” and “Kimi no Koe” parts.
  • Ueda ran to the section where I was in on Saturday (noooooo) and held his mic out to a girl (I assume to sing) but then she said something instead that I couldn’t quite catch.
  • Koki forgot to sing his line, and when he realised he flailed about to get his mic out from under his towel, sang the last part and then stuck his tongue out cheekily.
  • After Harukana Yakusoku Koki said he hoped to meet us again
  • Nakamaru said to remember him as super cool in 10 years
  • Ueda came out saying “please lets just spend one night together”
  • They didn’t come out again after that, despite the crowd calling for another encore for another 5-10 mins


And that’s all I have, sorry its long, well done for making it to the end. It was an amazing experience and I was so glad I was able to go 🙂


Till next time x


9 thoughts on “KAT-TUN Chain – Concert reports (21.04.2012 & 22.04.2012)

  1. WOW! I really wish I could go to a show. Sounds crazy. I”m more than sure you’ll be one there is you right behind Massu. I really can’t wait now for the DVD.

  2. OH MY GOD!!!!You even got to meet Miura Shohei!!!! asjdgheaik\\\\\szfbrra\jdcklnca Love that man!!!! ♥ XDDD,
    I’ve read this fanrepo before but I love reading it over and over again from other hyphens point of view ^__^
    Thanks for it~~~~

    P.S. LoL, I heard about the Kyocero Dome part and was wondering who were the ones who screamed on that!!! XP

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