Search by Kamenashi Kazuya, translated

Thought I’d do a quick translation post again. 🙂

I found this song of Kame’s here. And thought I’d translate the lyrics since I rather like the song.


Search – Kamenashi Kazuya

The transparent heart, listen to it the reasoning tears

quietly walk away

Losing ones self in grief, such as everything and anything vanishing

the hearts painful…


Cornered at the destination to die

No ones real self is noticed

Tears are soon exhausted


Getting out of confusion, the cogwheel crumbles

Break through the everyday gloomy darkness

Searching for nothing, my appearance is found out


From the darkness, slip out and run away

As long as you belive, you will be able to

Must lose those things


Cross over the wall and walk a new road

Holding a lot in your hands as you continue

To choose your road, my appearance is found out


Till next time x



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